What a delicious & healthy way to make money for your non-profit organization! Part of Mom & Pops Popsocology is a commitment to the health & welfare of our community. Loaded with fresh fruit and small amounts of organic sweeteners, our organic frozen pops are a great substitute for the candy bars, cookie dough or artificially scented pencils.


Option 1 - You Sell Them

Come by our kitchen in North Austin and pick up a cooler of pops packed in dry ice. These pops are sold to you at a reduced price, and there is no limit to the resale price you charge (we recommend $2.75).

  • Pickup hours are Monday-Friday, 9-5
  • 100 Pops minimum.
  • Optional cooler rental with dry ice $15

Option 2 - We Sell Them

Your Mom & Pops will come to your non-profit group with one of our custom paleta carts and sell our all-natural, handcrafted pops for you.

  • Pops are typically sold for $2.75, and participating groups get $.75 from each sale.

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